Monday, November 2, 2009

Shame on me!

Yes, yes, shame on me! Just realized I haven't posted anything for 2 months! 2 months! Can you imagine?! I feel like I have just arrived in Mumbai... but actually it has been already 4 months of my stay here... and 4 more to go!

So now time for some lame excuses - why haven't I been posting? I remember when I first arrived and everything was just sooooo shocking, soooo new, sooooo different... and I just had to share all these soooo things with someone...obviously Indians wouldn't understand, so blogging was a good way of expressing myself...

And then I haven't even realized when from the first stage of the cultural shock (being super excited and super happy) I slowly moved to the next ones - initially complaining about every single matter to finally settle down and start calling Andheri flat "a home"... or doing other things Indians do - saying "I am from Mumbai", bargaining with rikshawallas, recognizing different Indian dishes and passing comments on them like: "I love punjabi food" or "Can we have aloo paratha for lunch?"

I guess this is when things around me stopped being shocking and when me seeing an elephant on the street (yes, it really happened, he was just walking next to my riksha!) was not anymore exciting enough to blog about it:P In such moments I would just think to myself: "It's India" and it would be a good enough excuse for all the weird and random situations.

Well, last 4 months of my life have definitely been the months of some biggest challenges, craziest things I have ever done, most scary moments, sweetest people and the most surprising events!

Good 4 months of my life!