Thursday, April 8, 2010

Job - hunting with India in my CV :P

AS some of you might know I am currently in the mad process of job - hunting. I was trying to do some statistics yesterday. Overally, I applied for 10 different companies (in some cases I actually had no hope of getting any response), I was invited for 6 interviews and successfully wrote 2 tests checking my "analytical skills".
OK, this is not interesting... I was planning to write about something else.
So, before going to India I was wondering what kind of the influence my internship there will have on my competetiveness on the Polish job market. Well, I can't say so far if all the companies respond because of India in my CV but definitely this experience helps a lot during the interviews! How?

1. Starting questions during each interview are like: "So, how was India?" or "I have seen you were in India, how is life out there?" or "What did you like about India? Do you plan to go there again?". Yesterday I actually spent 30 minutes of an one - hour interview discussing differences between Indian and Polish culture :-) And at the end they asked me: "So after all these interesting things you have been upto you really want to have an internship with us?" Fun!

2.I have real life examples to give when asked a question from a series of: "Tell me the situation when...?" I can give interesting examples to questions checking my adaptibility, flexibility, innovative thinking, analytical thinking, communication skills, innovation and creativity, assertiveness and whatever the competencies they can think of! It is really cool, nothing can actually surprise me :-)

3. I am really cool and relaxed during the recruitment processes. When other candidates shake and nervously pretend they are busy reading their CVs I am just most chilled out. Things happen for a reason I believe, so there is nothing to worry about. I am simply more confident so instead of interviews I mostly take part in nice conversations when both sides laugh, share some interesting stories and learn a lot about each other. Fun :)

4. Last but not least, I am actually enjoying the process. Although I happen to be tired running for one interview just after another I simply don't mind it. Every experience is an experience, no matter if it is good or bad. I am trying to learn from it.

5. This one is funny - when talking in English during an interview I actually laugh to myself! Why? I tend to talk with my Indian accent :P Lol!

Summing up, if you ask me about how my Indian experience is helping me to get a new job - I don't know, I haven't got one yet :-) But the process itself is definitely much easier and much funnier:-)